We design and deliver e-learning courses based on our rich methodological background in e-learning training and on an official cooperation with a broad group of coaches and training companies of various specializations. We create dedicated and adapted e-learning courses according to client’s needs: from acquiring the content, to writing the script, designing the graphics, recording voice-over, and, finally, implementing the course on e-learning platform and evaluating the training process.


Based on our subject-matter and technological resources, we provide our Clients with comprehensive servicing and consultancy for:




Our clients get access both to dedicated IT tools which enable publication of client’s own simple contents and notifications on the platform, and to resources offered by PMC.



  • Gate2Success (G2S) e-learning platform is a dedicated web application enabling realization of e-learning and blended-learning projects, as well as effective management of knowledge and competencies in business entities.
  • The creators of Gate2Success e-learning platform designed the system to be intuitive, simple and clear.
  • Graphic layout of the platform supports and facilitates using all its functions by any user.
  • Gate2Success platform consists of modules, which allows to adjust its functions to requirements and expectations of each client.
  • Architecture of the system and technical infrastructure employed in G2S e-learning platform allows an effective use of resources by many users at the same time, with no loss of quality and speed of played materials.


„The essence of ABA1 model is an increase of efficiency of coach’s work. A good theoretical background and identical base knowledge of all people participating in part A, allows to focus on the actual workshop and practical issues in part B. Base knowledge is provided as e-learning via Gate2Success platform. Gate2Success platform also enables a subsequent assessment of knowledge by tests, surveys or control questions, introduced
in part A1. The above ABA1 model ensures, via Gate2Success platform, a continuous access to training resources for all users, and results in an increased efficiency and knowledge acquisition”.

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